A-C-E T1000 Tattoo Removal & Carbon Facial Machine


- The T1000 removes tattoos using two laser tips; 1064nm and 532nm.

- The 1320nm laser tip is used for the “Black Doll Carbon Facial” technique.

- Removes the black and blue pigment on eyebrows, eye line and lip line.

- Removes freckles, age spots, vascular expansion and some types of blood vessel lesions etc.

- Use of the laser will not harm the follicles or normal skin types and will leave no scarring.

- Can remove melanin pigmentation, which has not been successfully removed by medication or other means.



- Tattoo Removal

- Carbon Facial Skin Rejuvenation (Black Doll)

- Vascular Treatments

- Pigmentation Treatments

- Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Purpose of a Q-Switch

A Q-Switch is an electronic device for creating very short pulses of light. By using a Q-switch the laser energy is delivered in a very short pulse (less than 10 nanoseconds). The energy is absorbed so quickly in the tattoo ink that if the energy setting is correct the tattoo ink rapidly expands and “explodes”. The ink is then mechanically broken down into fragments which will pass between the fibres holding the tattoo. These fragments are removed by the body’s immune system.

-Improved efficiency for excellent results.

-Long lifetime YAG laser, which uses the latest technology.

-Improved stability when using the hand piece. 

-Infrared Guide light for accurate targeting.

-Portable design and easy operation for mobile treatment.

-Lower initial cost and wide range of uses for a quick return on investment.

-Laser Type: Q-Switched ND YAG laser

-Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm (Plus 1320nm)

-Spot Diameter: 1-8mm (Adjustable by distance)

-Cooling System: Air + closed water circulation cooling

-Display: 8.4' colour touch LCD display

-Output Power: 500W Pulse Energy 0- 1800MJ

-Pulse Width: 6-8ns Frequency 1-10HZ

-Voltage: 230-260V/50-60Hz

-Colour: White