A-C-E SP1000 (SHR) Super Hair Removal Machine


-Suitable for fast, safe, painless and permanent hair reduction.

-Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas such as the face, arms and underarms, chest, back, bikini line and legs.

-Skin treatments including skin lifting and firming, improved flexibility and skin tone, wrinkle reduction, age spot and pigment reduction, freckles, varicose veins.



-SHR Super Hair Removal (Up to Skin Type 6)

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Wrinkle Treatments

-Acne Treatments

-Vascular Treatments

-Pigmentation Treatments

What is SHR?

The SHR machine has a single pulse, triple pulse and multi pulse mode which can emit consistent energy. It gradually heats the dermis with OPT square wave pulses which pass over the tissue multiple times using low energy but a high rate of repetition, adopts 640~950nm wavelength, penetrates directly into hair follicle. It effectively speeds up the treatment, saves time and reduces pain.

It has a perfect cooling system which ensures the refrigerating capacity of the handle and makes the contact area between crystal and skin still -4~ 5. Along with the SHR technology of A-C-E, it achieves a virtually painless, high-efficiency hair removal.


-The most advanced technology that penetrates evenly and consistently for the best results.

-High energy ensures excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment.

-Long pulse width produces heat accumulation which results in hair removal.

-There is no harm to the skin or sweat glands with no scarring or side-effects.

-The crystal cooling system ensures that the treatment is painless and comfortable.


Wavelength: 430 / 530 / 560 / 590 – 1200nm 640-950nm (Standard)

410 / 420 / 480 / 510 / 520 / 580 / 585 / 610 / 620 – 1200nm, 690 / 750 / 755 – 950nm (Optional)

SHR Frequency: 1-10Hz

SHR Energy: 1-36J/cm²

SHR Pulse Duration: 1-7ms

Spot Size: 15*50mm²

IPL Light Energy: 10-50J/cm² (Adjustable)

IPL Pulse Duration: 2-15ms (Adjustable)

IPL Pulse Number: 1-15 Pulses (Adjustable)

Delay Time: 5-50ms (Adjustable)

Cooling System: Sapphire contact cooling style + air + semi-conductor