1. Diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology that provides clinical
results safely.
2. High energy ensures excellent results can be expected from the first treatment
3. The long laser width produces heat accumulation which is effective for the hair follicles
resulting in hair removal.
4. There is no harm to the skin or sweat glands with no scarring or side effects
5. The crystal cooling system ensures that epidermal anesthesia is painless and comfortable
during treatment.
6. The large square head increases treatment speed and efficiency and reduces treatment
time by 20%.
7. The power module design is convenient to maintain.
8. The thermostatic water cycle system guarantees the semiconductor pump can’t burn
cavities due to overheating.

Machine Model

A-C-E D1000 Diode Laser Machine


High Definition 8-inch vibrant colour LCD touch screen.

Hair removal treatments

Legs, Arms, Armpits, Chest, Neck, Bikini, Face, ect.

Laser Type

High power Diode laser


1064nm±0.5%, 808nm±0.5%, 755nm ±0.5%


Maximum Pulse Energy 160J/cm2(Adjustable)

Pulse Duration

5~400ms adjustable

Spot Size

15mm X 15mm. (225mm2)


The hand piece features the latest Sapphire contact cooling plus air and semi-conductor-5°C ~+10°C

Crystal temperature


Pulse Frequency

Adjustable from 1 Hz to 10 Hz

Electrical connectivity

220v~240v UK standard. 100v~110v international. 50-60Hz

Power Unit

2000W Total power